Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm going to Norway!

Norway Spring Classic

It is considered THE first race of the season for my area. I wanted to go last year, but was still afraid of the 5k distance. This year I'll be doing the 10k.

One interesting note is that I can enter as a "Clydesdale". I can't spell it (and neither can Blogger's spell check), but I can enter it. Simply means I'm heavier than your typical female runner.

There I am, Mama Clydesdale.

I like clydesdales. They make me think of beer, and beer is kissing cousins of cheap wine, my drink of choice. And so, I'm happy, even though I'm basically identifying myself as a plus-size female.

The last few weeks I've been running every other day, doing whatever I feel like that particular day. Mostly tempo runs of three to five miles, with longer runs about once every eight days. I'm going to jump in to an intermediate 10k training plan for the next two weeks and then see what happens. I'm not going for gold, here. I'm just wanting to set the bar for this year. There's still plenty of time for serious training and racing.

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