Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wheat Belly

It's time for me to own this. Remember all those tweaks I was making to my diet at the end of the summer? Particularly the juice fasting and trying to go gluten-free?

Well, I've rebounded off of it. Hard. As in, I've gained about 10 pounds since August. And that really ticks me off because I had FINALLY gotten down to below 170, after four years of working at it.

Soon it will be the new year, and I will be trying again to lose "that last 10 pounds" like millions of other people. At least I'm in good company. In the meantime, I'll just try to get through the holidays without gaining too much more. Hopefully the long runs I have planned for the day after Christmas and New Year's Day will help somewhat.

Experimenting over, time to go back to what I know works. Count calories! So simple, yet so effective. I don't think that all calories are the same, that I can eat whatever junk I want just so long as I stay in a "caloric deficit" day to day. I think of that as the "Diet Coke" mentality (it's calorie-free, so it must be good for me!) and I just don't believe it. But, I also can't eat unlimited amounts of anything and expect to lose weight. And I certainly can't eat unlimited amounts of homemade pizza or Cookies and Cream. So, after the holidays, first thing I'm going to do is go back to logging my meals daily at My Fitness Pal. (jhmomofmany <-- Look me up!)

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