Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gone with the Schwinn

Hubby insisted on getting me a bike, and I am so glad he did! We took a great ride out to just past Rousseau Bar and back. There are so many things to love about bike riding. First of all, it is easier than running. When you're running, if you stop moving your legs, you stop moving forward. Not so with biking. It is a built-in interval workout- you have to work hard up the hills, but then you get to coast down. I'm not up to a 15-mile run yet, but that distance on a bike was really enjoyable. Riding with my Sweetie is the best!

(gratuitous baby picture:)


I just can't get over how wonderful the weather has been. We're expecting highs in the 50's and 60's all week with not a snow day in sight. Awesome! At this rate, I'll be working on my tan in no time!


  1. Too bad I forgot my wallet or we would have stopped at Rousseau Bar for a much needed drink by that time....

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