Monday, March 5, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

In my imagination I'm one of those cute athletes who grace the cover of Runner's Magazine.

My outfit is trendy and coordinated, from my "26.2" necklace charm to my size 5 shoes. I run with a gorgeous smile on my made up face, light sweat adding beautiful sheen to a perfect tan. The only thing bouncing is my adorable (blonde) ponytail.

Reality check! No single piece of my gear matches any other piece, and my shoes are twice the size of the average female's. I sweat like a swine and am pale as a poltergeist. And after eight babies, I'd be hard pressed to find a part, portion or organ that isn't bouncing.

I appreciate my body for what it has done, and what it may someday be capable of doing. It's not "poor body image" to occasionally wish you were smaller, younger, faster, or stronger. Part of being an athlete (even as a hobby) is the desire for improvement.

Just random thoughts from my run today.

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  1. I love you bear! So insightful and wonderful you are.