Saturday, July 21, 2012

So, that's the latest on me!

I finally got through all the training and started my new job last night.  My first shift was graveyard, 9pm to 7am.  So far it seems I will do well adapting to a varying day/night schedule.  I hope that is always the case!

I ran yesterday.  It was almost four miles and was really not easy.  It has been several weeks since I've kept up with a regular running schedule, so I guess I'm going to be in no condition to do serious training.  That's okay, running just for the fun and exercise is still productive.  I may be running the Ontonagon Outback next weekend.  I'll almost definitely be running the Ed Hansen.  And then that will probably be all there is to my racing season this year.

I never wrote up a race report for the Greenland Independence Run, Walk, and Roll.  Robert, Raechel, and I ran the 5k distance; Joseph ran the 1 mile; Mary and Lucy kinda-sorta ran the 50-yard dash, although that ended in tears for both of them after only about 10 yards.  (I still feel bad for that poor boy Mary knocked heads with...)  My time was just a little slower than last year, but I was still the First (and only) in my age division.  Go Me!

So, since I'm not focusing on racing this summer, I should be able to get back on track with losing some of the poundage I picked up through the winter.  It's discouraging how slow it comes off and how quickly it comes back on.

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