Sunday, March 10, 2013

Today's Workout 3-10

Entering my 27th week of pregnancy with a full body strength training session.  Allow me a moment to bask in my own awesomeness....

Thank you.

This is the routine I followed.  Some exercises I performed to near failure, others I took a more moderate approach.  I started by warming up on the treadmill, brisk walk at 2% to 5% incline for 1/2 mile.  Then:

Push Ups (modified)
"Bird Dog"
Bicep Curls (standard)
Triceps Kickbacks
Hammer Curls
Chair Dips (I hate these!!!)
Alternating Cross-Body Curls
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Standing Side Crunch (holding onto the door frame helped isolate core)
Standing Crossover Crunch
One-Armed Row
Chest Flies
Chest Press
Reverse Fly
Squats (standard and then wider stance)
Shoulder Press (Military Press)
Jump Squats
Lateral Raise (to front and side)
Forward Lunge
Upright Row
Plie Squat
Split Lunge

Cool down, stretch, and that's it!  The strength training aspect took me about 45 minutes moving quickly from one exercise to the next.  I did take a short (30-45 second) break after some of the more "energetic" moves, like those damn jump squats!

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