Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

This year has certainly had its ups and downs.  And that's totally a good thing.

My running has been up.  I logged 485 miles this year, not including the three I plan to do today.  My only mile-free month was the one in which John was born.

My weight has been down.  I'm at about 165, which is 30 pounds less than I weighed when I first was pregnant with John.  My heaviest not-pregnant weight was 220 (that was "before Mary", heaviest ever was 251 before she was born) so I've lost a total of about 55 pounds.

It hasn't cured my high blood pressure or eliminated my mood swings, but at least I look pretty damn good.  And we all know that's the whole point, anyway.

Not all Resolutions are made to be broken.  Cheers, bottom's up, and here's to 2014!

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