Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Plan, Revised

Monday: go to town, go to work, skip working out and throw private pity party instead (done)
Tuesday: go out of town, skip working out, eat 1800 calories in cheesecake (done)
Wednesday: run to VFW and back (2.2 miles, done)
Thursday: maybe cross training in the a.m.; maybe yoga in the p.m.
Friday: maybe easy 3-mile run; weekly weigh in
Saturday: we'll have to see what happens
Sunday: maybe long run

Lazy ass, just hanging out.

It has been very challenging to make time for working out lately. There's what I want to do, what I need to do, what I think others expect me to do, and what I tell myself I should do; all these "To Do's" have been competing for my time and pulling me in different directions. It's like being drawn and quartered only less blood and more Mom Guilt. Why do I insist on feeling inadequate because I can only do one thing at a time, and sometimes I'm going to choose to spend my time "selfishly" working out. It's not silly or a waste: it's cheaper than therapy and healthier than drinking. I have to get through the day somehow!

But, still, rather than thinking of my weekly plan as a "Do or Die" list, I need to approach it as a possibility. If I accomplish my goal, that's great! If I don't, I can just try to figure out what didn't work and why, and how to make it work better next time.

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