Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Circuit Workout

This is the Circuit workout I performed today, along with weights used and reps completed:

Warm Up, five minutes
Standard Squat/Curl combo: 10lbs, 30 reps
One-arm Wall Push-Up: 15 reps each side
"Plyo" Wall Push-Up: 30 reps
Wall Squat: 1 min.
Side Lunge with Lateral Raise: 5lbs, 30 reps total (15 each side)
Row/Deadlift combo: 20lbs, 30 reps
Static Plank: 1 min.
Plie Squats with X-Press: 10lbs, 30 reps
Chair Dips: 3 sets of 10 reps
Chest Press in Bridge: 20lbs, 20 reps
Lying Down Triceps Extension in Bridge: 10lbs, 20 reps
Pilates Hundred
Oblique Crunch: 20 reps each side
Concentration Curl: 13lb, 8 reps with strip set of 10lb, 12 reps

I'll be turning 35 in a week. The scale has been going the wrong way the last few weeks, so my present to myself will be getting back into maintenance mode. My goal is to lose two pounds this week. Shouldn't be too difficult. *grin*

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