Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flaming Foxy Lady

I haven't been on the computer much lately. No reason, really- that's just the way it goes, even for this social networking addict. Actually, we are now using a new operating system, which means I need to re-do my browser (Firefox). I hate changing things up on the computer. My tech-savvy Hubby does all the updating; I think if it were up to me, I'd still be using Windows 95.

I got out today for an easy run. I ran intervals yesterday on the treadmill, so I wanted to keep it low-key today. It was really a beautiful day; a little on the cool side, but that's perfect for running anyway. We are really fortunate to be having such nice weather this late in the fall. We haven't even had any snow yet!

Today is the Feast of All Saints, and I wonder if there is a patron saint for runners. I'm sure there is, I just need to look it up. I'm not sure running is all that important for my sanctity, but it sure helps my sanity. I only wish I could handle doing it every day. Maybe that will come with time.

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