Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dusty Dashboard

I would be lying if I said I've been meaning to write and just couldn't get to it. Fact is, I haven't felt like writing at all lately.

Thanksgiving was this week, but we did turkey dinner just today. I used to plan for Thanksgiving with an anticipation that was one part excitement, two parts dread. It was different this year. All the hoopla of cooking a complete "from-scratch" turkey dinner just isn't all that different from every day cooking. I did more planning, but the preparation, execution, and clean up was almost like every day.

Think about that. Nine people- three meals almost always eaten at home by all of us. Not counting seconds, that's 27 plates per day! There were nine hundred twenty-five MILLION people who went hungry last year. We eat like kings by global standards, and I quite often complain about it. I should be thankful, and today I am.

I tried to run today on the treadmill. Our treadmill is awesome, but it just can't beat the great outdoors! We may be getting a bit of snow overnight tonight, but I'm going to go out for a run tomorrow. A real run. Another blessing!

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