Thursday, February 28, 2013

Measurements, March 2013

OK, I get it that this is really silly, but I still wanted to compare my current measurements to those I posted a year ago.  Since I didn't make much progress with weight loss or toning in 2012 (long story) I'm pretty sure that these measurements are representative of my pre-tenth-pregnancy size.  It's not like I'm going to use these measurements in any meaningful way; it's all in good fun.  Here they are:

Weight:  193.6

neck: 13.75 (-.25)
shoulders: 43 (-.5)
bicep: 12 (both sides, no change)
chest: 39.5 (+.5)
bust: 42.25 (+2)
@ braline: 36.5 (+.75)
waist: 36 (+2.75)
@ bellybutton: 38 (+3.75)
low ab: 40.5 (+3.25)
hips: 42.5 (+1.5)
thighs: R- 21; L- 21.25 (-1 each side)
calf: R- 13; L- 13.25 (no change)

No surprise, at five months gone I've gained serious inches throughout my torso.  But while I've gained 2 inches of boobs and almost 4 of belly, I've only gained an inch and a half of hips.  That tells me I'm not gaining too much butt fat.  Also my arms and legs have stayed roughly the same, and I've lost two inches of thigh meat.

Overall, I feel I am taking very good care of myself.  Just four-ish months to go!

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