Thursday, August 18, 2011


"Macho, macho Mom! I've got to be, a Macho Mom!"

I totally ran out of steam on my run today. In the fitness industry this is known as "bonking". I think they should come up for a different name; bonking sounds almost like fun. "Hey, wanna go bonking after lunch?" "Sure! I'll bring the gin and you bring the horseshoes!" Bonking doesn't feel fun. It feels more like trudging through your own personal nightmare where you're running as fast as you can but getting nowhere. The monster gets you in the end.

I made three mistakes today. First, I tried to do a two-mile tempo (I think that mean "faster than usual") run immediately following a 36-minute circuit session with weights. I should have given myself at least a little time to recover.

During that time to recover, I should have made sure I was sufficiently hydrated, and maybe I should have had a snack- an apple or something light like a Snickers bar.

It worked for Ben Husby!

And my third mistake, potentially the most critical: I forgot to apply fresh Chapstick. Because any misery is made even more miserable by dried, flaky lips.

We have a spelling program (Sequential Spelling- it's great!) that uses the motto "Mistakes are opportunities to learn". Tomorrow I rest, Saturday I cross-train, and Sunday I run five miles. It's going to be an awesome weekend. But today, I'm bonking. Now... where did I leave my gin?

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