Sunday, August 14, 2011

Out for a Sunday Run

Today was my 4.5 mile "long" run. For breakfast I had my usual glass of juiced grapefruit and lemon, plus a piece of leftover homemade pizza from last night. Robert started off with me; we walked up the hill for the first quarter mile as a warm-up. He didn't want to jog, but I went ahead. The first half mile was not too fun, but after that I got in the groove. Raechel caught up to me with Mary on her bike. Then Thomas and eventually Joseph came along on their bikes.

Usually my run is "my" time, and I guard it jealously. I'm not the type to run with a pack- I prefer to set my own pace and let my mind wander. But today I enjoyed their company and constant chatter. Being able to talk with them helped me realize that I was, indeed, staying at an easy pace.

I had to take two walk breaks up two hills in the last mile. I could probably have pushed through them, but I decided to be conservative on account of the twinge I was feeling in my right hip. I did manage a nice little kick at the end. Wow, does that feel good! My time was 50:04- pace was 11:07.

Now I think I'll go take a nap.

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