Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Run With Me

Here are the things I was thinking about this morning, running down and back up the road.

Wow, that sun is hot today. It's nice out here, though; that wind is nice and cool. I love it out here. Thank you, God, for this day. Now I'm going to run. I love God with my heart, my lungs, and my legs. [...] It's hot out here. That fly is obnoxious. I guess he's drinking my sweat. I'm thirsty. [...] Wonder if the neighbor has had her baby yet. The car and the van are both there, so I guess probably not. I'll have to ask her if she'd like a meal. Wish I would have eaten breakfast before I left. [...] I'm so thankful I can do this.

Wow, first mile in 9:25. I better try to slow down or I'm not going to make it. That sun is really hot. Thank God for the wind or I'd be burning up. My feet sure are hot. I wonder if I need bigger socks. [...] That darn right hip. Didn't I read that runners who run on the road have more problems with their right hip? Or was it their left hip? Something about the way the road is paved to allow water to run off. I'll have to google that. [...] There's that old guy that wears that "Grumpy Old Fart" hat. Oh, he waved at me. Well, that's nice. [...] I got up that hill pretty easy. I remember when I had to walk that one. Don't trip on the train tracks.

Halfway there. Time is 15:25. I'm tired now. Better walk for a minute, but just for a minute. There's a lot of cars on the road. Wish I had my sunglasses, feels like a disguise. That's silly, as if everybody doesn't recognize me. I'm the tallest person in town. *giggle* [...] Wow, that wind feels good, but geez, it's going to be hard getting back up the road. I hope Chuck has coffee for me; he said he would. My head hurts. [...] Don't trip on the train tracks. [...] "Against the wind. See an old man run! Against the wind, runnin' against the wind." [...] Oops, glad nobody is behind me. I wonder, what is the etiquette for farting during a race? Chuck would say it's my secret weapon. *giggle* Almost there. [...] Damn wind.

Oh, thank God, I'm home. I can walk the rest of the way, it's not cheating it's cooling off. I'm going to go in, drink a bunch of water, have some cereal with almonds and some coffee, and come up with something brilliant to put on my blog.

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