Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life is a Bike Ride

I've got an hour before leaving for work, but I told myself I'd write every day and I'm only like four days in on this blogging thing, so this is going to be a fairly half-assed post rife with grammatical errors and puerile simile.

Chuck, Raechel, Joseph, Thomas, and I went for a bike ride today. We went "around the block" which is actually about 7.5 miles practically all uphill. I am the proud owner of an old Bay Point 3-speed bike. It looks exactly like this only it has a little turn signal thingie that doesn't work and a pink plastic basket wired up front, the kind of basket that really belongs on a bike for a toddler girl. A neighbor gave it to us last week, but this was the first time I've really taken it out for a ride. It was so much fun, much easier than running!

I've decided that life is a lot like a bike ride. Sometimes you're going uphill; the effort is daunting, exhausting, and the bigger the hill, the less sure you are that you're even going to make it at all. But then you do make it. Then you get to fly downhill, your feet sticking out to either side and the wind in your hair and just when you think it is the MOST AWESOME MOMENT EVER a bug flies in your mouth and ruins the whole thing and then you're stuck slogging uphill again.

But that's just life. Enjoy the ride.

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