Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easy does it...

Today was my last short run before Sunday's race. My body said to take it slow and easy, so I did a walk/run even though it was only two miles. My body complained of being stiff and a bit sore so I will give it a sauna and some extra stretching this evening. My body also said it wants cherry schnapps in 7Up (a.k.a. the Dirty Doctor), but I decided to ignore that request. Listening to My Body is not always a good thing.

It is the beginning of the month but I am postponing taking my weight and measurements until Monday. I'm a little nervous about what the outcome will be; I've been working my butt off but feeding my sweet tooth. (I can afford this Snickers- I ran today!) I had a personal goal to avoid the scale this month in order to focus on fitness rather than weight. I'll be sure to record the outcome of my little "experiment".

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