Thursday, September 8, 2011

Now What?

Unfortunately, the racing season for my area is pretty much over. I know, bummer! There is a 5K on the 17th that I'm considering. Runner Me would love to do it, but Mommy Me is still debating, and Mrs. Me is waiting for hubby's input on the subject. (I love you, honey!)

Perhaps you have noticed that I "forgot" to post my weight and measurements. You are just too polite to say anything. I weighed in yesterday, measured my waist, and stopped there. The fact is, I gained last month (only a bit, but still), and rather than get all bummed and mopey and punish myself for that, I'm just going to tell myself "lesson learned" and continue on.

And so, it is time to come up with some new goals. I'd like to work on increasing my running base and just maybe be ready for a half or even a full marathon next year. I'd also like to do another full round of P90X, and I've heard good things about Turbo Fire. Bellydancing? There are so many possibilities!

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