Saturday, September 17, 2011

Over the Hill and Through the Woods: Race Report

Today I participated in a race at the Jeffers High School in Painesdale. (Go Jets!) What a beautiful, kick-butt course! And I got a great shirt out of the deal.

First of all, the race is a little more than 5K, and somehow it manages to be almost all uphill. About the only steady downhill part was on a trail that was so rocky and rutted I actually had to keep slowing down to avoid twisting my ankle or landing on my fanny. Then, after that, we were running through sand. (!?) Once we were off the trail and back on the road there was another killer hill, but then it was downhill for a fast couple of blocks to the finish. The official times have not been posted yet, but I'm pretty sure I heard them yell 33:40 as I went through. If so, that's a pace of 9:54 (given the 3.4 mile distance).

I'm pretty sure that finishes out the race season for me. I'd love to do more, but there just isn't that much in the area. Maybe a change of focus will do me some good anyway. I'm really, really grateful to my husband, who supports me in everything I do and has been particularly encouraging with this passion of mine. Thank you, sweetie! I'm also thankful to the big kids who watch the little ones so Mommy can "go for a run".

I love you all.

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