Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Daze of Summer

The apples are ripe, we've had our first frost, and geese are gathering to head south. Yep, summer is almost over, but not today. Today it is hot! And what better way to spend what may be the last hot Saturday of the year than sitting by a large body of water, sipping alcoholic beverages of your choice while your spouse watches the children just outside auditory range? Of course! Going for a long, hot, sweaty run and then blogging about it!

I think of some really weird stuff when I'm out running. It's just a shame that I can't remember much of it later on. Maybe I need to take one of those little voice recorders out with me. There's lots of little gadgets that might make your run easier or more entertaining, but it could easily get out of control. Watch, heart rate monitor, GPS, CamelBak, fuel belt, iPod, cell phone, key carrier, ID holder, and that nifty little jacket that folds up in its own pocket (in case of rain). All designed to be lightweight and strap on to your body one way or another.

I don't own most of that stuff. My watch-slash-heart-rate-monitor stopped working, so I just borrow my son's watch. We have a GPS, but it wasn't designed to be worn and so in order to bring it with me I have to stuff it in my bra where it will not bounce around (as much). This always makes me feel self-conscious. I can only hope that anyone driving by will assume that I am using some type of device that is supposed to be carried in one's bra. I don't usually carry water with me; I own a CamelBak but the darn kids lost the reservoir so until I can buy a replacement it is really just a very small, worthless backpack with a hole in it. I guess a belt of some type would be convenient. Because of where I live and run I don't really need to carry ID or keys or cell phone with me, but it would be nice to have a place to keep chapstick other than the other side of my bra.

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